Museum-quality Mahakala with Six Arms


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Master Tangka’s work “Mahakala with Six Arms” from Tibet, hand-painted and blessed by the renowned monk at Wutun Monastery, holds immense collector’s value. The piece features a multitude of characters and intricate composition, making it a rare and exquisite example of Tibetan Tangka art. Utilizing traditional mineral pigments and pure gold threads, the craftsmanship is exceptionally delicate and refined, showcasing the pinnacle of artistic skill. This work stands out as the finest rendition of its subject that I have encountered.

Mahakala is a protector deity in Tibetan Buddhism, leading the Eight Legions of gods and spirits, all of whom joyously support the Buddha’s teachings and will eventually attain Buddhahood themselves. As an intelligent protector deity (often depicted with a third eye symbolizing wisdom), Mahakala embodies the enlightened state of a Buddha or Bodhisattva. Practitioners seek blessings from lineage masters through such depictions to elevate their spiritual practice and contribute to the propagation of the Dharma. Mahakala and other protector deities are revered for safeguarding all sentient beings from karmic obstacles, especially those arising from anger and aggression.

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Width:70cm; Height:100cm





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