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Shipping Policy

About shipping

  • All items are eligible for free shipping!
  • We can deliver to 129 countries and regions around the world, but due to transportation restrictions of the cooperative logistics company, the following areas are temporarily unable to deliver: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Iraq and Syria as well as islands or remote areas affiliated with each country  .
  • Total time taken: Processing time (3-4 business days) + International shipping time (5-20 business days)depends on which region the goods are sent to.
  • Most regions can complete shipping 5-8 business days. For instance: USA、UK, etc)
  • Delays caused by holidays, weekends, or other force majeure factors are not counted.
  • Some countries have longer deadlines due to customs and other reasons: for example Sweden and South America etc. require 25-30 business days, or even longer.

PS-Processing time:

  • Due to the fact that most of our products originate from Tibetan plateau, where international logistics is not very developed, and they need to be shipped to Guangzhou for unified quality inspection and packaging.
  • !Please be aware that products truly originating from Tibet generally do not have short processing times due to various constraints. Please trust that good items are worth the wait. Additionally, do not be deceived by dishonest merchants.
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