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A brand originating from Mount Kailash

Tashi Delek, friends! 

It’s an honor to connect with friends around the globe here! 

We are a high-end brand specializing in Tibetan cultural products, with 12 years of expertise. 

Our story began with a serendipitous encounter in 2008 during a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash in Tibet. Several of us crossed paths and decided to journey together. In that year alone, we circumambulated Mount Kailash three times. Along our journey, we encountered stunning landscapes. However, what truly moved us were the devoted Tibetan pilgrims. They prayed sincerely for the well-being of all, reflecting the transcendent essence of Tibetan culture rooted in Buddhism, which appears to surpass illness and suffering. Instead, there’s a prevailing sense of tranquility and serenity.

We took a short break, captivated by the breathtaking scenery surrounding us. Unable to resist the allure, everyone started capturing the moment through photos.
This time was particularly challenging for us as we encountered a sudden snowstorm, with thick layers of snow beneath our feet. But the level of difficulty was far surpassed by the prostrating Tibetan pilgrims.
In 2008, we went on three pilgrimages to Mount Kailash.
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Subsequently, we spent significant time each year in various Tibetan monasteries and with local residents, forming lasting friendships. During this time, we heard many voices expressing frustration over the inability to access authentic Tibetan handicrafts, while talented local artisans lacked channels to sell their high-quality works. This left us deeply saddened. 

We believe that Tibetan Buddhist culture and artwork are treasures for all humanity and should be shared with the world. Therefore, in 2012, we established Sacred Tibet Studio to share Tibet’s spiritual richness with more people, offering them the opportunity to experience its profound spiritual wealth firsthand.

However, in those years, our primary business was focused in China and neighboring countries. Now we decide  to reach out to people worldwide who have a passion for the spiritual wealth of Tibet. We aim to share more about Tibetan art, history, culture, beliefs, landscapes, and more. 

We will gradually release more artworks and handicrafts from Tibet in the future. Please subscribe to stay updated and keep receiving continuous attention!

We guarantee:

⭐Sourced from Tibetan crafts and collectibles, and created by local artisans and artists. 

⭐100% free shipping 

⭐100% satisfaction guarantee 

⭐Ensured pricing is proportionate to the value of premium products. (Clearly label craftsmanship and materials.)


SacredTibet is a team dedicated to authentic high-end Tibetan products for over 12 years. We firmly believe that good products possess matching spiritual power and collectible value.

Function: Our products not only offer visual enjoyment and collectibility but also provide spiritual energy, aiding in meditation and relaxation.  

Social Responsibility: We aim to help artisans in the remote region of Tibet by providing them with better livelihoods and fair compensation. Every purchase you make is a great support and help to them and their family.

Our Visions: There is a Mount kailash in everyone’s heart! However, not everyone can reach it as they wish. So we hope that our carefully crafted products will reach you with blessings from the kailash. We truly hope that everyone can be a part of this journey of good karma!

   —     Sacred Tibet Team (Founder: Daniel)
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