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SEDA, akin to a heavenly Buddhist sanctuary, is a place referred to as the ‘Awakening of the Soul.’ Amidst silver ridges and verdant meadows, thousands of crimson wooden houses form a celestial constellation, embracing grand, golden temples. Radiant with the light of Buddha, a leisurely stroll unveils a touch of tranquility akin to paradise


Here, you can continue to read updates on introductions and differences among major temples in Tibet

Potala Palace

On the snow-covered plateau, the Potala Palace stands majestically, its golden dome shining brightly in the sunlight. This is a holy land of Tibetan Buddhism, a mark of history, and a beacon of faith.


Jokhang Temple

In the heart of Lhasa, there is an ancient and sacred temple – the Jokhang Temple. It stands quietly amidst the bustle and hustle and bustle, like a silent guardian, witnessing the vicissitudes of history and the power of faith.


Ramoche Temple

Ramoche Temple, the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism, is located on the mysterious snow-covered plateau. Its simple red walls and golden roof shine under the sunlight, seeming to tell the story of thousands of years of history and faith.

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