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SEDA – the paradise of Buddhism


Seda, a small plateau town located in Sichuan Province, China, is known as the “place of soul awakening”. This is not only an important holy place for Tibetan Buddhism, but also a place where countless believers and practitioners find their spiritual destination. The Wuming Buddhist Academy in Serta is the largest Tibetan Buddhist academy in the world. Thousands of monks study Buddhism here every day. Their lives are simple and pious, which makes people deeply feel the influence of religion on the human spiritual world. force.

When you stand on the high ground of Seda and look out at the red monks’ houses, you seem to see fiery souls burning in the silence. These red houses are like beating hearts, carrying countless hopes and dreams. Every corner and every building here is full of love for life and persistence in faith. The beauty of Seda lies not only in its visual shock, but also in the spiritual power it conveys.

Seda, this place where the soul awakens, allows us to re-examine our hearts and think about the meaning of life. Here, you may find the self you have been looking for, and you may also find the true self here. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, as long as you come here, you will be touched by the piety and purity here, and shocked by the power here.

On the hillside on all sides of Seda, the densely packed small wooden houses are like a sea of red, stretching as far as the eye can see. These cabins are the residences of monks. Their existence is not only a persistence of faith but also a persistence in life. Each cabin carries an independent world and tells the story of the monks. The red wooden houses in the mountains symbolize the enthusiasm of life and the firmness of faith. They form a strong visual impact on the overall environment, making the entire valley surrounded by this red passion, as if telling a kind of The power of silence.

In Tibetan Buddhism, sky burial is a unique funeral ritual that embodies a deep understanding and respect for the cycle of life. This ceremony is usually held in a special place called a “sky burial platform”. In Seda, Sichuan, the sky burial platform is not only the end of life, but also the place where the laws of nature and religious beliefs meet, symbolizing the cycle of life and death and the harmony of nature. There, the lost life is transformed into food for the eagle through sky burial, and the eagle soars in the sky, completing a cycle of life. This way not only respects the end of life, but also expresses reverence for the laws of nature. In this land, people firmly believe that death is not the end, but the beginning of new life, a part of the transformation of material forms, and a link in the cycle of the universe.

In Seda, there is a sacred mountain known as Medicine King Danqing, which is known as the sacred mountain of Dharma protector. Its story is deeply imprinted in the hearts of every Seda person. This sacred mountain is regarded as the local protector and is endowed with endless mystery and sacred status. In the local religious culture, the sacred mountain is not only a part of nature, but also the sustenance of people’s spiritual beliefs. Whenever there is a festival or important day, people will come to the foot of the sacred mountain and pray devoutly to the mountain god for peace and blessings. The prayer flags surrounding Yaowang Danqing Mountain are a direct manifestation of this religious belief. These colorful prayer flags fly around the sacred mountain, symbolizing prayer, exorcism and peace. Buddhist scriptures and prayers are printed on each prayer flag. They flutter in the wind, as if they are reciting Buddhist scriptures and bringing blessings to people. This scene not only shows the local people’s profound religious beliefs, but also reflects their awe and respect for nature. In general, Yaowang Danqing Sacred Mountain and prayer flags are an indispensable part of the human geography of Seda. They carry the beliefs and hopes of local people and also constitute the unique scenery here.

In Seda, the natural scenery and Buddhist atmosphere are perfectly integrated, like a peaceful place illuminated by Buddha’s light. When night falls, the entire valley seems to be surrounded by a mysterious sea of lights. Countless lights twinkle like stars, creating a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere. Standing on a high place, overlooking this sea of lights, you will feel the peace and tranquility of your soul, as if you are in a fairyland on earth, which makes people linger.

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