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Dzi Bead - Soul Awakening

Dzi Bead,” often worn by Buddhist and Bon followers, is considered an item with the ability to protect the body, purify the mind, enhance wisdom, and attract auspiciousness. Wearing a Tianzhu is also a way of expressing faith and devotion.

bead strand

In Tibetan culture, beaded necklaces are commonly found as cultural artifacts, with a diverse array comprising dozens, if not hundreds, of distinct types. Each type holds unique symbolism, carrying varied meanings within the rich tapestry of Tibetan traditions.

Amber Bead

Symbolizing purity and protection, wearing an amber bead strand represents a pursuit of purity and divine safeguarding.

Bodhi Seed

Representing enlightenment and wisdom, wearing a Bodhi Seed is associated with spiritual growth and awakening.


Turquoise, widely believed to possess protective and auspicious qualities, is worn for a sense of peace, happiness, and blessings

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye, often seen as a stone of strength and courage, is worn to embody individual strength and balance

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