Tibetan Sera Temple Amulet – Warding off Evil


Tashi delek, friends! Before purchasing any items from our ‘Temple Collection’, please read carefully. The temples featured in this series are among the most renowned and spiritually significant in Tibet, though they are located at considerable distances from each other. We regularly visit these temples to procure amulets, which may result in some waiting time. For specific timeframes, please consult our customer service. The colors are randomly selected for shipping. Special requests can be noted during checkout. Additionally, we will periodically update our ‘ART MAGAZINE’ with blogs about these temples. Stay tuned for more updates!

This is a traditional cloth bag amulet obtained from Sera Monastery. It contains ten symbolic meanings, including Great White Parasol Buddha Mother, warding off evil spirits, Mahakala, Great Accomplishment, Life Protection Wheel, subduing demons, Horse Headed Vajra, Lion Faced Dakini, local deity, and balancing the three realms. There are colorful and exquisite tassels hanging below.


Temple Blessing Series




Length:10cm, Width:10cm


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