Manjushri Bodhisattva Mural from Fahai Temple


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The mural of Manjusri Bodhisattva depicts a green lion and a lion trainer on the lower left side. The lion trainer is clad in armor, wielding a fish-shaped treasure sword, with gleaming scales prominently protruding from the painting. On the lower right side, there is a devotee, also identified as the ancient Indian elder Moon Canopy. He holds a staff in his right hand, while his left hand provides shade, with a face full of grey beard, fluttering in the wind.

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Art micro-spray technology

Mural Shopping Essentials

Shopping Essentials

  1. Why are we creating this product series?   —— Ancient mural artworks integrate the essence of Chinese culture, including Buddhism, history, folklore, and more. Especially renowned in China are the murals depicting Buddha, known for their spirituality. They are believed to bring health, wealth and fortune, imbuing your house with a powerful magnetic field and offering protection. However, the hand-painted murals incur high labor and time costs, and mural artists are scarce, with each large-scale artwork taking several years to complete. We aim to provide more art enthusiasts worldwide with the opportunity to appreciate these exquisite works. Therefore, we use the latest Art micro-spray technology to replicate the original ancient mural artworks almost perfectly at a 1:1 scale. Two of the most crucial factors in micro-spraying technology are that both the source file and the technology itself must achieve extremely high-definition levels to maximize the resemblance to the original work. Please be aware that there is no micro-spray that is 100% identical to the original, but our technology can achieve museum collection-grade levels of detail and clarity. This technology ensures long-lasting color fidelity compared to traditional printing methods. Additionally, we use the finest Chinese rice paper to reproduce colors to the fullest extent possible. Both overall color and details reach the level of art collectibles, making your purchase worry-free.
  2.  About mounted: Default mounting as a scroll  (If no scroll needed, please remark). Shipping large frames is costly and risky. We suggest buying the frame locally.
  3.  Our mural products are 1:1 replicas of the exquisite ancient murals from the Fahai Temple in China. Therefore, any smudges or marks you may notice are inherent to the original mural.

Shipping Fee:  Free delivery is available for all items!

Shipping Timeframe:

  • Painting time (3-5 business days) + International shipping time (5-20 business days). (PS:Most regions can complete shipping 5-10 business days. For instance: USA、UK, etc)  Please refer to the shipping policy for more details.
  • Note: Painting Time: Murals are custom-made products and require a certain production time. Please be aware that delivery times may be delayed in certain regions due to customs issues. For details, please refer to the policy regulations in the footer.

Return Policy: Customized products are not eligible for returns. But if there is any damage during shipping, we offer free replacements.


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